FPC Christmas Concert 2019

I was invited along to the FPC Christmas Concert, musical Director is Andrew Cleary, a very good director and is great at what he does. Andrew works as a freelance teacher, accompanist, Organist, Choral Director and conductor.

Mission was to record audio tracks from the Christmas Concert and we also set up the video camera to capture the ambiance of the concert. The venue was Holy Trinity Church in Fareham .

The concert started at 7:30pm, I like to get to the venues nice and early so I know I have enough time to set up and sound check. The Church does have parking but you must have a permit.
Luckily enough there is a public carpark behind the church and I use a trolley to transport the equipment.

I got all the recording equipment in, the choir was still in rehearsal so I took the time to have a listen to see what was in store for everyone that evening.
With the acoustics of the church the sound was beautiful.

The concert ran for about 2 hours with a 20 minute break inbetween, when recording I always use a a backup recording device so there wouldn’t be any intteruption should one of the devices go down. With the audio and video recorded it was time to pack up and head off home with just the editing of the audio and video to do.

The Christmas concert went very well and with some audience participation on the well known Christmas songs the concert went very well.